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Doggie Tale #3

Do Dogs Have a Sense of Humor?  The "Lucy" Story!

Some people have questioned whether dogs have a sense of humor!  Well, this real life story is about a playful Briard, named Lucy, who thinks its just a Barrel of Laughs to dive on the bed, just when she knew her owner was going to make it! 

*Hint:  You'll be laughing out loud with this one!  

(In addition to humor, the story involves inadvertently teaching your dog (or other people) the wrong things, empathy and planning ahead).

Doggie Tale #5

You LOOK!  I'll SNIFF!  The "Robo" Story!

In this story, Robo, an Irish Setter, got to go on a Camping Trip with his family, to Michigan!  Naturally, he had all sorts of fun!  The story of course includes some humor, and it highlights some of the different ways in which dogs look at things, compared with people!

It also involves appreciating the things that make others, and ourselves, unique!)

*Don't worry!  We're not crazy!  It just so happened that "Skippy" got studio recorded before "Lucy", even though "Lucy" was written first!  That's why "Lucy" is still called #3, even though the audio will be 4th!
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