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About the Authors


Doggie Time Tales! is dedicated to my Mom & Dad, and to my wonderful pal and co-author, Cody!




About Cody...

Lots of us believe that our dog is the greatest in the world!  That's probably the way it should be!  I hope you think that way about your dog!  It doesn't have to be a particular breed, or the best looking, or even the best behaved.  

Cody's a white colored Lab.  I love him like crazy, and there are a million reasons why..!  I love his personality, his size, and his looks!  He's kind and he'd never hurt any dog or human!  He's my partner and the inspiration for this book!  We go practically everywhere together, exercising outdoors with one another every day (unless it's unbelievably crummy outside!)   

Cody respects me as his pack leader, though I have to admit that I think I've earned that respect--in a good way! And though I treat him as a son in many ways, I also see him as a co-equal who I recognize is from another species.  (I  try to respect and admire our similarities, as well as our differences.)  

Cody is social, and loves to play and to be around other people and animals. He's well behaved, but very personable.  He'll follow me, and come when I call him, though out of respect towards him, I don't call him unless I need to!  He gladly stands back and lets me go in the door first, (and then wipe his paws!), but he knows I give him tons of freedom.  We've been to the beach what seems like a thousand times, (late in the day when it's not too hot for him); played on every field we can find; and driven back and forth across the country together.  (He's an excellent passenger!).  He's a star at doggie day care; and he's even been in a taxi with me, and inside a barber shop!  I can go on and on..!  He sleeps on his own doggie bed (next to my bed) and he's perfectly content to sleep the same hours I do.  He doesn't go up on the furniture; doesn't make too much noise (but he's got a great bark when he does talk!); doesn't chew up stuff that he's not supposed to; happily greets just about every person and dog he's ever met; etc. etc.  I simply couldn't ask for a better friend.  An oh yeah...  The nickname I call him the most often is "Mr. Animal."  It's playful, but it accords him respect!

We hope that the Doggie Time experience inspires you and your family to make your own lists of what you love about your dog!  Like I said, it doesn't have to be perfect!  Nobody is!  Maybe that's what love is all about; appreciating and admiring the various things about someone else that make them unique and special to us..!


About Randy...

Cody can't really speak English, so I'll help him out a little with this..!

Randy's kind of simple, I guess...!  He was born and raised in Michigan by a really nice and decent family, and he's also lived in California and Florida.  He has always loved sports.  He went to college at Michigan State University, and practiced law for a number of years.  He also helped run a frozen fruit bar business once.  I know he likes to be a problem solver..!   

The concepts behind
Doggie Time Tales™ just kind of came to Randy one day.  They were undoubtedly influenced by old phonographic records that he listened to with his family & friends when he was young; records that were fun & simple & clean, and that often involved sports.., & were often funny, & that pretty much everyone could relate to!  The sharing and bonding created by those fun, shared experiences have resulted in wonderful memories that have proven to be permanent for everyone involved!  So 
Randy never forgot about that, or about the lesson that he learned that sometimes it's the simple, fun experiences that we share in life that can be the most meaningful, & endearing!  So, our
Doggie Time stories are designed to make parents smile along with their kids, while also teaching everyone a few useful tidbits about us--your doggie pals! 

We really hope that you enjoy our stories and that they become memorable and endearing for you and your family!  More stories will be coming out soon, so stay tuned!

For Cody



Cody & I say THANK YOU to all the people who have helped us to create Doggie Time Tales™!   There are many, and we appreciate all of you!  Special thanks go to:  Our entire Sills family; Willie, Ben & Ian McClellan; Michele Adaline; Gretchen Schrage; Lyla Tanner; Betty McGilton; Pat Cooke; Bernard J. Cantor; The Rutherfords; Carnary May; Mark Wood; The Marmons; Larry & Marcy Flansburg; Alan Harris; Ginia Coulter; ALL of our voice actors; Michael Scott; Lisa Jessick; Chet Jessick; Darrell, Austin, &  the security team at Birchwood Golf & Country Club; The Bollinger family; Carolyn Wheeler and the 2nd and 4th grade classes (2011) and teachers at Conant Elementary School in Bloomfield Hills, MI; and various others who have been kind enough to listen to some of these stories & to provide their feedback. 


© 2012-19 Randy Sills  (All rights reserved) 
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