Talking Stories that Teach about DOGS!

Doggie Time!

The Storybook!  (More talking stories will be here soon)


Doggie Time Tales! is intended to be a Fun, Heartwarming, Family-oriented collection of Audio stories that also Teach subtle but valuable things about Dogs (& life)!

Parents.., you'll love these stories
just as much as your kids will

The concepts are fun, warmth, togetherness & information, all while trying to become the  Very Best Dog Owners Possible!

That's Doggie Time...!™
The Stories!

Each talking story features a different breed and a different family!  They're ALL followed by Additional Info sections, which provide additional insight about the stories, dogs, and oftentimes, life!  The intent is for Parents & their Kids to be able to bond & enjoy these stories (while creating unforgettable loving memories) together!  Also included are color-coded story scripts, to spawn even more family bonding & togetherness by being able to reenact your own fun versions of the stories! :)  


Doggie Tale #1
You See What I
 Can't See!  The "Bozer" Story!

It’s about a big St. Bernard, named Bozer, who follows his “human brothers” (Ron and Josh Wilson), everywhere!  But for some unknown reason, Bozer refuses to walk on a perfectly fine tile floor at Kevin Brody’s house, who lives next door!  The story traces the efforts of the three boys, and of Kevin’s dad, to try to figure out the situation, and to see if they can get Bozer to move!

(The story also deals with understanding various differences between ourselves and dogs, empathy, problem solving, and respecting ourselves and others.  The Add'l Info section is particularly insightful!)

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Doggie Tale #2

Has This Guy LOST HIS MIND?  The "Boris" Story!

"The Boris Story" humorously involves a beautiful German Shepherd, named Boris, who's perfectly comfortable until his owner unwittingly tells him to do something that is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!  (Indeed our dogs can sometimes teach us humans a lesson or two about being smart!) 

(The story is intended to be funny but also deals with empathy, COMMUNICATION (not just with dogs but also with other people) and the thoughtful treatment of others.  The Add'l Info section provides more depth about these things, and of course about German Shepherds.)

Doggie Tale #4
Being Forgiven Can Mean the World! (Especially when it's not your fault!) The "Skippy" Story!

This story is about a Beagle, named Skippy, who’s stuck in a very difficult situation that we can all relate to..!  How we react to & handle these kinds of situations can often make a huge difference--for everyone!  

(The story also deals with finding the humor in things, forgiveness, insight, and the treatment of others and even ourselves.  The Add'l Info section provides additional insight into canine behavior, and, of course, Beagles!)


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